Going to be printing up some shirts real soon. The long sleeved t-shirts will be good for when we ride, as they will keep the sun off our arms. The Polo shirt is a little dressier and probably won't have the large logo on the back.

Well during the course of having some great Bar-B-Q provided by chef Ralph, some of the guys and I were talking about next year's ride. North Carolina is beautiful and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves riding in those mountains and we can certainly do that again.

I've been riding motorcycles, on and off, since I was 15 years old; I've always  enjoyed them. At the moment, I have several bikes, some in riding conditions and others in the process of being rebuilt. Currently my main bike is a 2008 Honda Goldwing, this is the one I purchased for long rides. The Goldwing is so comfortable and has a lot of features, which make the longer journeys more enjoyable.



    My name is Alan and I attend New Life Community Church in Miami, Fl. We have quite a few people who ride motorcycles in our church and I saw New Life Riders as a way for those of us with a common interest to not only build bonds of friendship but also as a means of outreach for Christ in the motorcycle community.


    August 2013